A class action lawsuit filed against Allscripts in the wake of a ransomware attack that recently disrupted patient care at hundreds of healthcare practices will spotlight a variety of critical security and legal issues, says attorney Steven Teppler.”This is not your father’s data breach case,” says Teppler, a member of the attorney team representing plaintiffs and class members in the case that was filed against the cloud-based electronic health record vendor in an Illinois federal court on Jan. 26 (see Allscripts Ransomware Attack: Lawsuit Already Filed). “It is a case in which an entity has had its data system basically shut down because their data was encrypted by the malware and unable to be used,” he says. As a result, Allscripts was unable to permit certain clients to access their remotely hosted EHRs or electronically prescribe drugs, he contends. And that cost these clients money, he adds.

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