The former U.S. CTO touts a common API as the tip of the spear for making the pivot to patient-centric organizations. If you build data standards, interoperability will follow. This is the philosophy of Aneesh Chopra, former CTO of the United States and current president of population health analytics company CareJourney. Speaking with Microsoft Corporate Vice President Peter Lee at the Microsoft Envision conference on Sept. 25, Chopra posited that a common language and architecture for data is the first and most crucial step toward data sharing and interoperability.We have a fragmented patient-data problem, said Chopra. There are over 1,000 electronic health record products available in the marketplace today. Despite the big talk about Epic and Cerner, theyre maybe 25 percent of the market share, max, and thats mostly hospital-based as opposed to an independent physician.Without these common data architectures, interoperability is stopped in its tracks and value-based care is also at risk, as providers cant acquire data from patients outside of their organizations, meaning that there is no feedback loop for organizations on patient outcomes until readmission. A common language could fix that.

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