The application of artificial intelligence in healthcare continues to expand, and this time AI will be used in combination with blockchain technology to create a global marketplace for healthcare data. In this blockchain-based marketplace, the monetisation of a person’s health data (e.g., blood test results) will become possible.Longenesis, a healthcare AI company headquartered in Hong Kong, recently unveiled a new partnership with Neuromation, an Estonia-based startup, to accelerate the creation of this global data marketplace. Alex Zhavoronkov, PhD, CSO of Longenesis, said the collaboration with Neuromation will be two-fold. First, well train the deep neural networks we need processing power and we are looking to repurpose the cryptocurrency mining equipment to do that. Second, to generate synthetic data, we must train on large data sets of real-world data and have balanced and diverse data sets. Neuromation is an obvious consumer of data and can be a part of the marketplace, Zhavoronkov explained.Longenesis is a decentralised medical record marketplace for life data such as medical records, social network and health data. The platform allows individuals to store and monetise their own data, including blood test results, medical history, genetic profile and other sensitive information in a blockchain-based marketplace. The project was initiated in 2017 by the BitFury Group and medical AI firm Insilico Medicine.

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