With hacking attacks on the rise, healthcare organisations need to beef up measures to ensure better protection of sensitive patient data. Infosec teams may find the emerging Blockchain technology helpful in tackling the hacking threat. Blockchain is seeing growing support because of its capabilities to offer impregnable security.The technology may be new but Blockchain incorporates a lot of older security standards like the Secure Hash Algorithm 256 (SHA), developed by the United States National Security Agency (NSA). Each Blockchain will need to go through a security-hardening period. A project to develop Blockchain use in healthcare security is being undertaken by the Austin, Texas-based tech company Factom. The project is supported by a grant from The Gates Foundation. “We are building a decentralised medical record management system that will help doctors, clinics, and patients manage their records in countries that do not have the EHR electronic health record infrastructure,” Factom co-founder & CMO Tiana Laurence told HealthManagement.org.

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