Change Healthcare at HIMSS19 will be focusing on how intelligence can be pushed further up into the network, to improve healthcare overall as well as at the individual patient level, according to Kris Joshi, Executive Vice President of Network Solutions at Change. Joshi said Change will feature several central focus areas. First, blockchain will feature heavily, riding the continued fervor around the ledger technology and its potential impact on data reconciliation, a problem that plagues the industry.Blockchain is a great application, Joshi said. The goal there is to eventually eliminate data reconciliation challenges in the claims, billing and payment processes in healthcare.Another focus will be using AI to address waste in healthcare. Joshi pointed to the oft-cited $765 billion lost annually fraud waste and abuse as one example. To that end, Change will be showing results and use cases of how AI can reduce waste, improve workflow and optimize physician time.Change is also concentrating on patient experience and interoperability tech. When it investigated large metro areas, for instance, Change found that most have high market concentration and a lot of its customers, be those health plans, providers or consumers, are really looking for better engagement and better experience.

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