Experts speaking at next weeks Connected Health Conference discuss the importance of technology adoption and how new tools can encourage stronger patient-provider relationships. One of the hardest things is making changes when youre working at capacity or beyond capacity. We know theres physician burnout is a real problem right now, and were working in a system where everyone thinks they are working their hardest, Dr. Ami Bhatt, director of outpatient cardiology and the adult congenital heart disease program at Massachusetts General Hospital, told MobiHealthNews. With that in mind, providers are not against trying these things, but I think we need to show value in what we are offering.A strong emphasis on how virtual care and other tools can help the clinician extend their care beyond the hospitals walls to reach the patients who might otherwise never engage with the system is a fast way to win over fans, Bhatt explained, and including providers with doubts into the planning and implementation process can both assuage their concerns and help device a stronger program. Well implemented program can reduce the daily strains of providing care, she continued, and communicating that benefit to the practitioners can go a long way.For virtual care visits, its so much easier when youre in a relaxed environment in your own home. Youve gotten on your computer, you have the list of things you want to talk about, she said. And the provider doesnt just get stopped by a nurse, run up to the floor to see somebody, have another patient in their mind that theyre trying to extricate themselves from and then to re-inculcate themselves into your experience. Its a different way to come together, and enough cant be said about it.

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