Report discusses the uptake of electronic data interchange (EDI), which is the electronic interchange of business information using a standardized format, in the healthcare sector.

It sets out with a basic definition of healthcare electronic data interchange (EDI). It informs that there are various manner for transaction in healthcare EDI, namely web-based EDI, point-to-point EDI, mobile EDI, EDI via AS2, and web-based EDI. They are leveraged by end users such as healthcare providers, pharmacies, and medical device and pharmaceutical industries, among others.

Healthcare electronic data interchange (EDI) is seeing rapid adoption on account of the benefits it provides. Those include cost savings, standardization, enhanced productivity, and rapid processing. With the pressing need of healthcare entities to reduce operational costs and regularize electronic transactions, demand for healthcare EDI is rising. In addition, increasing support from the government for implementation of healthcare IT to make various processes seamless is also benefitting the market.

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