Researchers at Penn State University say that people who are confident about machine performance and their own abilities to engage with technology are likely to transfer these attitudes to use of digital healthcare services and providers. The research team presented results of their study Digital Doctors and Robot Receptionists: User Attributes that Predict Acceptance of Automation in Healthcare Facilities at the ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems in Glasgow, Scotland. You might also like: AI and the workplace: who is set to benefit?Our research advances knowledge by identifying two specific individual differences that seem to play a role in increasing adoption of automation in healthcare facilitiesbelief in machine heuristic (or positive stereotypes about machines being more accurate, precise, objective, etc. than humans) and degree of power usage (expertise, experience, efficacy and motivation to use technology), researcher S. Shyam Sundar told impact of design of digital healthcare applications was also a keystone of the research.

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