We strongly believe that only digital health can bring healthcare into the 21st century and make patients the point-of-care. As digital health is gaining momentum, more and more companies come forward with their disruptive ideas; or at least with their claims about having built disruptive digital health solutions. For the reason that online presence or at least some digital dimension is intrinsic to these products, that imposes specific features to their marketing behavior. As information flows faster and reaches more people than ever, while everybody else has that very same condition, the number one challenge is to stand out from the crowd.As the online space seems to value sensationalist titles, brands, and messages, digital health companies are also inclined to participate in the big game for attention. Even if that means overselling their technology or using trendy buzzwords. For example, in the case of the blockchain, Reuters explained in its analysis, the average share price of companies who have jumped on the bandwagon and put the word blockchain into their name, has risen more than threefold since their re-branding. These conditions serve entrepreneurs who do not necessarily wish to create better healthcare through their inventions but go for big money in a relatively short time. We are against those, entirely.

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