Electronic health record (EHR) systems were supposed to improve the documentation process and retrieval of patient information to help with diagnostic and treatment decisions. Instead, EHRs became a source of physician discontent and burnout. Most doctors hate EHRs, and it isnt clear that they make patients any better off either. Now, experts say the same record systems can be reconfigured to achieve their original promise. EHRs can be restructured from mere digital remakes of their old pen and paper ancestors into platforms that allow doctors to “subscribe’ to their patients” clinical information to receive real-time updates when an action is required, similar to social media feeds and notifications, according to researchers from Penn Medicine’s Center for Health Care Innovation.The researchers note how automation has brought important benefits to other industries. “When financial services went digital largely replacing human tellers, paper statements, and checkbook balancing both bankers and customers embraced the change. Digital transformations in the travel, entertainment, and retail settings were similarly welcomed. But not in healthcare,” the researchers write.The Center for Health Care Innovation is made up of a team of hybrid doctor-developers. These researchersdevelopers say the problem is that current EHRs merely digitised what was already in paper form.

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