Document storage systems are becoming imperatives in healthcare, particularly as the industry changes in terms of legislation, privatization, and direct care measures.A New Wave Of Healthcare Information Technology (HIT): Document Storage Systems?Sometimes old legislation imposes challenges that take the industry it affects years, sometimes even decades, to overcome. For example, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (a.k.a. the Stimulus Act), incentivized technology implementation and usage in the healthcare sector.One fallback of this stimulus plan was failing to specify which technologies mattered most in facilitating the digital change the industry needed. The oversight here was choosing to rely on systems that failed to implement standardization in document storage and communications across a health network.As a result, EMR and EHR solutions outpaced DMS adoption in the healthcare industry leading to disarray and even further information chaos. Not only are EMRs clunky and difficult to use, they create substantial and disruptive learning curves for hospital administrators and healthcare providers alike.Some years later, the healthcare industry is still struggling to reach a consensus on IT infrastructure and, much like the accounting industry, is investigating cloud-based solutions. Exploring cloud platform options not only dismantles EMR solutions as the reigning IT champ in healthcare, it paves a path to reducing the cost of care without instigating burnout in healthcare providers across the industry.

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