A low-density sprawl of 420,000 people that is known as the bush capital, Canberra would appear to be an unlikely digital transformation hub. But above its leafy boulevards, national institutions and mobs of kangaroos, a fleet of mini planes will soon be zipping around carrying painkillers, lattes, gelato and golf balls.Wing announced in April that it had received Civil Aviation Safety Authority approval to fly drones over built-up areas for its business-to-backyard service in what is a groundbreaking development in the race to commercialize the technology.Whether youre a parent with a sick child at home and have run out of baby paracetamol, a busy professional who forgot to pick up fresh bread during your regular weekly shop, or you simply just want to order your morning flat white without the hassle of having to drive to the cafe, Wing has teamed up with local Canberra businesses to give customers the opportunity to have a range of goods delivered in a handful of minutes, Wing said in a blog post announcing the news.

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