Over a roughly two-year period, Medscape Consult saw more than 310,000 physician users hailing from 171 different countries across the world. Many physicians of various ages and geographic locations are turning to online medical consultation tools as an additional resource when providing care, according to a recent investigation published in npj Digital Medicine.Conducted jointly by the Scripps Research Institute and WebMD, the study found that 310,563 unique physicians had used WebMDs Medscape Consult an online, free-to-use platform for physicians seeking second opinions between November 2015 and October 2017.Among these, 37,706 were active users who generated a total of 117,346 unique posts (7,834 original queries, 109,512 responses) during this time. The majority of these posts received at least one reply, with a median time to first response of roughly 90 minutes.

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