Strict HIPAA compliance is a great preparation for compliance with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation, which will be enforced starting May 25, according to attorneys Robert Stankey and Adam Greene, who specialize in regulatory issues.Certain U.S. healthcare entities that deal with patients from the EU need to comply with GDPR. That includes, for example, those that market their services to EU residents as well as those that are involved with clinical studies in the EU, Greene notes in an interview with Information Security Media Group.”In a sense, for the small minority of U.S. healthcare providers or other healthcare entities that are subject to GDPR, they’ve been preparing for GDPR for 15 years now with respect to HIPAA because there is a lot of overlap between HIPAA and GDPR,” Greene says. “And arguably, HIPAA may be better than practically any other U.S. privacy regime to prepare you for GDPR. You are pretty far along with GDPR if you have a robust HIPAA compliance program.”

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