The Scottish Genomes Partnership (SGP), a collaboration of the country’s universities, is playing a key role in the transformation of healthcare. Findings from the project, which began in January 2015, are already helping to improve diagnoses of patients in the Scottish NHS, as well as advancing the understanding of rare and common diseases including cancer.What’s more, work carried out by the SGP has given researchers unprecedented access to gene sequencing technologies. According to these researchers, pioneering techniques that can sequence a persons entire genetic make-up in under three days have the potential to transform patient care in the coming decades.The setting up of two cutting-edge centres for genome sequencing, in Edinburgh and Glasgow, and the contribution of NHS staff from across Scotland, have laid the foundations that will make the transformation possible.The collaboration, led by the Universities of Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Dundee and NHS Scotland, is helping to advance personalised medicine for the benefit of patients in the country. Already, more than 400 NHS Scotland patients and their families have had their entire genetic make-up decoded under the scheme.

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