The overall Global anti-aging market is likely to demonstrate a humongous growth, owing to intense competition witnessed among the major industry players in the market, claims a research report by Zion Market Research. The key global players of the 3D printing gases market are Beiersdorf AG, Personal Microderm, L’Oreal, Solta Medical Inc, Allergan Inc. and Solta Medical Inc. These industry giants have been adopting myriad strategies for the growth of their business, such as high R&D investments, M&A, product innovations, and geographical expansions. More likely than not, they will be continuing to implement these strategies in the future, notes the research report.

Citing an instance, on August 14, 2018, researchers at the University of Exeter claimed that they were successful in reversing the aging process in cells. The strategic move is likely to help individuals stay healthy along with raising their lifespan. For the record, medical research has proved that as one gets old, the ability of proteins to produce splicing factors in the individual diminishes steadily. This results in a slowing of the old cells activity of turning genes off & on in response to the environmental factors making the individual more prone to chronic ailments and reduces his lifespan.

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