The global market for goodpasture syndrome treatment is expected to witness moderate growth rate over the forecast period.  Immunosuppressive drugs are expected to contribute the major revenue share to the goodpasture syndrome treatment market. The hospital end-user segment is expected to contribute maximum market share to the global goodpasture syndrome treatment market. Medications for a mild form of goodpasture syndrome treatment include immunosuppressive drugs (like cyclophosphamide), corticosteroids (like prednisone) plasmapheresis and others. Goodpasture syndrome treatment controls the antibodies in the blood and also reduces the risk of infections. Plasmapheresis is a procedure used to remove unwanted substances, such as damaging antibodies, toxins and metabolic substances from the blood. Plasmapheresis is often administered in combination with corticosteroid treatment. Plasmapheresis is under investigation for goodpasture syndrome treatment and other autoimmune disorders.

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