Google has launch an open-source cloud API to help address interoperability challenges in the healthcare industry, and enable organisations to run machine learning an analytics on clinical data. Cloud Healthcare API is an open-source tool designed to enable healthcare providers to collect and manage various types of medical data via the cloud, including DICOM, HL7 and Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) standards.Google hopes the API will provide a jumping-off point for healthcare organisations to launch analytics and machine-learning projects in the cloud, using data aggregated from multiple clinical systems.Healthcare providers will be able to run analytics on this data to identify patterns that could help improve patient outcomes.Machine learning has already demonstrated its ability to support clinical decision-making, identify at-risk patients and improve the effectiveness of clinical trials.In a post published on the Google Cloud blog, Dr Gregory Moore, vice president of healthcare at Google Cloud, said: Our goal with the Cloud Healthcare API is to help transform the healthcare industry through the use of cloud technologies and machine learning.

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