Deloitte Life Sciences and Health Care recently launched its vision for health in 2040. While some may think that this perspective about the future of health seems fantastical, Deloitte believes that there are sufficient signs and signals in the marketplace of the model that it describes beginning to emerge.”Let me give you an example, 20 years ago we just sequenced the first rough draft of the human genome and it took 13 years to do and cost $1 billion; we never would’ve imagined 20 years ago that we could spit in a tube for less than $100, mail it in, and in a short period of time find out whether or not I have a certain genetic variance,” said David Betts, principal, life sciences and healthcare practice, Deloitte Consulting.”But we can do that today,” he said. “So we have to suspend a little bit of disbelief, but at the same time there is enough plausibility and signals in the marketplace that give us the confidence to put this idea out there.”

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