Dr. Michael Weinstein, a trauma surgeon at Jefferson Health in Philadelphia, has suffered from depression for much of his life. Although he has received treatment throughout his two-decade career, Weinstein never discussed it with his colleagues, fearful they would perceive him as weak. It was something I hid because of the associated stigma and also lack of awareness that many people in the profession would potentially be having similar types of issues, he said. Then, in 2016, it got worse. Seemingly out of nowhere, he fell into a deep depression. It was so bad, he began to contemplate suicide. His wife forced Weinstein to see his primary-care physician, who convinced him to take a leave from work and admit himself to a psychiatric facility, where he underwent electroconvulsive therapy.I needed someone to tell me to stop working. It was the fear of telling people I couldn’t do this anymore, it felt like a sign of weakness or my own failing, Weinstein said.

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