The healthcare industry is at the advent of a digital evolution, spurred by a growing community of web-enabled products and services including the Cloud, smart and connected devices, and a more health-conscious and tech-savvy population. Sensor, medical device, fitness and wearable manufacturers, data analytics, cloud and data warehousing, cybersecurity and high-tech companies, hospitals and physician networks, health plans and payers, as well as regulatory and standards bodies are all excited with the potential that healthcare IoT brings, but are equally concerned about the challenges in privacy, cybersecurity, data interoperability, and patient engagement that come along with it. and IoT Toward Digitized, Value-Based Healthcare System Moderator: Micky Tripathi, Ph.D., MPP, President and CEO, Massachusetts eHealth Collaborative Panelists: Eren Bali, CEO, Carbon Health William Morris, M.D., Associate Chief Medical Information Officer, Cleveland Clinic Anand Subramony, Ph.D., Vice President, New Product Technologies, MedImmune 3:45 Refreshment Break with Exhibit and Poster Viewing 4:20 PANEL DISCUSSION: People, Habits and Behaviors Co-Moderators: Evon Holladay, Executive in Residence, Analytics, Denver University Michael Sheinberg, M.D., Medical Director, Medical Informatics, Lehigh Valley Health Network Panelists: Adam Atherly, Ph.D., Professor, Health Systems, Management and Policy, University of Colorado Robert Denson, CIO, CORHIO Noa Ghersin, Analyst, Digital Health and Wellness Intelligence, Lux Research Christopher Jones, Executive Director, Department of Human Services, North Dakota Office of the Governor 5:20 PANEL DISCUSSION: Disruptive Technologies in Healthcare Apps, Chatbots and Voice Commands Moderator: Tatyana Kanzaveli, CEO, Open Health Network Panelists: Julia Hu, CEO & Founder, Lark Technologies, Inc.

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