Technology prepares provider organizations to protect patients and staff from growing threats.Hope for the best outcome, but prepare for the worst.The advice is simple, but clearly applicable to healthcare, particularly in the wake of ongoing cyberattacks.Each day, providers strive to care for patients who walk through their doors and to keep them safe and secure. Now more than ever, clinical, IT and security leaders must take a lockstep approach to achieve those goals.Consider the WannaCry ransomware outbreak in May that paralyzed hospitals in the United Kingdom, forcing many to cancel patient appointments and operations. That attack, and others like it that have also hit hospitals in the United States, pose a threat to patient privacy and care delivery.Whats more, those attacks cost organizations money, especially the unprepared. A recent Ponemon Institute study finds that companies that use business continuity management and disaster recovery services including the healthcare industry spend nearly 40 percent less per day trying to mitigate data breaches than those that do not.

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