The thought of migrating to the cloud just a few years ago seemed a distant goal for most healthcare providers. But today, were witnessing an unprecedented acceleration of cloud adoption as the healthcare industry is forecasted to spend a staggering $17.6 billion on cloud solutions by 2021. In fact, 75 percent of healthcare organizations now believe that the deployment of a cloud operating model will lead to improved patient care delivery.The fact is, were living in what is now being called a multi-cloud worldone that is brought on by the convergence of market drivers with organizational initiatives that are fueling digital transformation. A few that top the list include building out the connected health ecosystem through the expansion of mobile and IoT devices and Big Data for genomics and molecular medicine collaborations. The initiatives, when coupled with new value-based care initiatives, bring together both internal and external players in the industry through mergers and acquisitions (M&A).What this all means for health IT is a new paradigm that can either unleash the potential that cloud holds for data sharing, improved collaboration and cost-effective scalability, or it can present a host of unwanted challenges. The time is now to think big.

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