High frequency ventilators are ventilators that deliver mechanical ventilation with respiratory rate exceeding 100 breaths/min. Conventional ventilator delivers 20-60 breaths/min whereas high frequency ventilators can deliver 100 to 1000 breaths/min. Depending on the type of high frequency ventilators used, breath rate can be changed significantly as per the requirement. High frequency ventilators combine high respiratory rates with smaller tidal volume. High frequency ventilators are widely used for fragile lungs of premature babies (Birth occurred before 37th week of pregnancy). As per the World Health Organization (WHO) worldwide incidences of preterm births stand at around 15 million each year and around 1 million babies die before the age of 5. Across all 184 countries, where WHO carried out surveys, preterm births ranged from 5% to 18% of total births.

High Frequency Ventilators Market: Drivers and Restraints

Premature babies have underdeveloped lungs. They require breathing support and cannot breath on their own. Incidences of preterm births are increasing each year due to various factors and hence, this particular factor is expected to drive the global high frequency ventilators market during the forecast period. Different types of high frequency ventilators deliver ventilation at different breathing rate and hence, help in providing better treatment. Various government initiatives to manage preterm births in developing countries are expected to drive the global high frequency ventilators market. Growing awareness about management of preterm births is expected to further fuel the global high frequency ventilators market. However, handling high frequency ventilators can be difficult and hence, skilled healthcare professionals are required to improve the outcome. Various clinical trials are going on regarding the use of high frequency ventilators in case of acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) and are showing positive outcomes. This will drive the growth of the global high frequency ventilators market in the years to come. However, critical handling required in case of high frequency ventilators can hamper the growth of the market. Adverse reactions have also been reported, such as cases of lung collapsing. This can also hamper the growth of the high frequency ventilators market.

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