Chief Clinical Officer and Executive Vice President of International will help HIMSS deliver regional context to members around the world, CEO Hal Wolf says. HIMSS announced that it has hired new top executives, Charles Alessi, MD and Bruce Steinberg, as UK e-Health Week kicks off in London.Alessi is the new HIMSS International Chief Clinical Officer and Steinberg is Managing Director and Executive Vice President of HIMSS International. We are all facing the same challenges on a global platform, HIMSS CEO Hal Wolf. I think everyone recognizes that the traditional encounter-based care is changing. We have to be digital or we wont be able to take care of the aging population. The big picture for us is to be a partner at any level through information and technology.To that end, Alessi brings more than 25 years of experience in the UK National Health Service with a focus on healthy aging and reducing the risk of dementia, digital interventions, behavioral change, antibiotic prescribing and air quality, among others. As Chief Clinical Officer, Alessi will focus on forging stronger relationships among international clinician communities.Most are grappling with the new digital revolution taking place at a speed that is quite extraordinary, Alessi said. The CCO can assist members by bringing the experience of knowing whats happening around the whole globe and identifying good practices potentially customized to their local geography.

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