Association says the update is more global in scope and fit specifically for the healthcare ecosystem. HIMSS has crafted a new definition for interoperability.HIMSS, the owner of Healthcare IT News, described the new concept as one specifically fit for the larger healthcare ecosystem.Mari Greenberger, senior director of informatics at HIMSS, explained that there are now four layers to the proposed interoperability definition: foundational, structural, semantic and organizational.”This definition is an aspirational one,” said Greenberger. “It’s what HIMSS is trying to accomplish and work toward when it comes to achieving global interoperability. We added the additional level of organizational to illustrate the critical need for a robust interoperability infrastructure as well as highlighting the non-technical considerations that play into successful interoperability.”HIMSS is trying to define interoperability and its various levels with an international perspective,” she added. “We also worked to elevate the need for improved cross geographic jurisdictionscross-border exchange.”

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