EHRs arent the boon to healthcare that we expected. They were supposed to make it easier for physicians to record and track patient data, improve patient care, and create interoperability between multiple healthcare systems.Digitization was still new when EHRs became the standard, so some disruption was expected. However, no one predicted that keeping up with EHRs would contribute to unprecedented levels of stress and burnout among physicians in every specialty.The problem isnt EHRs themselves, though. Compared to writing out, storing, and sharing paper notes for every patient, electronic records are lightyears ahead in terms of efficiency. The biggest challenges are a lack of security and interoperability, which makes maintaining those records extremely cumbersome.Fortunately, theres hope. Organizations and leaders throughout healthcare are looking with hopeful optimism to blockchain technology to create an interoperable system in which we can finally utilize EHRs to their fullest potential.Where EHRs Fall Short

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