Drones arent just for aerial photos anymore. The technologys getting much more advanced. Amazon will be using them to deliver packages soon and theyre also being used for health care. Internationally, drones are being used to deliver blood and other critical medical supplies to sick patients in hospitals located in areas with weak infrastructure and issues with transportation. A child in Ghana recently received a transplant of drone-delivered blood, according to an article in Vox.Closer to home, drones have been deployed during disaster-response drills. And hospital designers are currently exploring the possibility of creating drone-powered hospitals in areas that are prone to hurricanes.According to an article in design publication Dezeen, one design firm was inspired by the aftermath of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico to create a hospital that could use drones to operate even if roads are destroyed or closed for long periods of time.The firm created plans for a concept hospital that would have drone ports outside of every patients room. Drones could drop supplies directly into the hospital through the ports, which would lead to a cabinet inside each room. This would reduce the chance of supply shortages during a disaster, so patients care wouldnt be compromised.

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