Site surveys can help healthcare organizations figure out how to shore up their networks to handle periods of increased traffic. While next-generation point-of-care engagement technologies are key to improving patient outcomes and satisfaction, the success of such tools hinges directly on a healthcare facilitys supporting infrastructure. From network solutions and access points to storage technology, providers must ensure that a proper foundation is in place to handle the demands imposed by both patient engagement and clinical initiatives.With the number of patient engagement and clinical mobility devices growing exponentially, a healthcare organizations wireless infrastructure must be able to support and scale with growing demands. Every new wireless solution added increases the strain on existing network resources.Whats more, growing data traffic from mobile devices can slow down or even block connectivity, disrupting critical daily workflow. To anticipate and meet increased network demands, many organizations will conduct site surveys that help determine not only where to place APs, but also how to handle periods of increased traffic, pinpoint traffic bottlenecks and understand how to improve the overall network infrastructure for long-term stability.

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