Today we’ll discuss a really interesting topic with you. Are you ready? We have an age-old question at play – what should you do to become popular? Perhaps, you may suppose the article will be about the popularity of applications. Yes, you guessed it. But not only!
In this article, we will cover the mobile development but also we’ll reflect on how to become a popular vlogger (video blogger). You may ask – how it is related?
It’s very simple. Because today, we’ll talk about video streaming apps. Thus, we will look at the most popular apps for streaming. So we’ll find out how to create a flagship in this niche and how to make money on it.
Types of streaming applications
There are so many different stream apps floating around the most popular app stores. So you plan to find out how to make a live streaming Android app or iOS app, to deal with all this abundance, we suggest finding out what kinds of video stream apps exist.
As a first step we divide them into two groups depending on their functions:

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