This weeks guest is Martin Dunn, CEO of Gaine Healthcare. Martin frames up the current state of provider data and directory issues quite well with this quote:It doesnt matter how much you regulate the docs, It doesnt matter how much youve threatened the docs. It doesnt matter how much you incent the docs to pull this information together for you. If you ask questions that are difficult to answer, difficult to understand, impossible to keep up with because the doctors and the physicians and the provider organizations just dont have the systems in order to give you that information, youre not going to get it.Sticks Wont Fix Provider DataSo, we cant just beat the doctors into submission? Pun intended. What about SB-137? That law has teeth to hold the providers accountable. Not so fast, says Dunn. The first provision is that payers can withhold payments for providers who dont respond in a timely manner with quality data (Bill Barcellona called this the Hammer Provision in episode PD-02). Thats nice, but its probably not a good way to do business nor to build collaborative relationships between providers and health plans. The other provision is that health plans can delist providers with out-of-date data. But, as Dunn points out, then youve got health plans breaking their own network adequacy. Its kind of like cutting off your nose to spite your face.

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