Virtual telephone or video care will be available at no cost, with some offers lasting for several weeks. Hurricane season is swinging into full gear again as this weeks natural threat, Hurricane Florence, makes landfall in the US Southeast. Between the gusting winds and catastrophic flash flooding heralded by meteorologists, the Category 2 storm threatens to leave emergency responders and local health care systems overwhelmed.Fortunately, these groups will have some support. Much like in storms past, a number of telehealth vendors and telemedicine-equipped providers have pledged their services to residents affected by the storms.One of telehealths biggest powers is its ability to beam care instantly to where its most needed. Often this superpower is used for convenience, but when a disaster strikes, like Hurricanes in the southeast, a flood in Houston or area fires in California, telehealth can mean the difference between being stranded and getting the care you need, Dr. Roy Schoenberg, CEO at American Well, said in an email statement. We are proud to bring healthcare to patients when forces of nature prevent regular access.

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