The impact of artificial intelligence technology is becoming more widespread in healthcare. However, rather than feeling threatened by this emerging technology, the medical community should embrace its achievements, writes Dr. Bertalan Mesko (who has a PhD in genomics) in a blog post.Deep learning techniques, for example, are now being used to analyse radiology images in order to spot and detect problems faster and more reliably. This trend has alarmed many radiologists who fear that AI systems may force them out of their jobs. But Dr. Mesko believes artificial intelligence will not replace radiologists. Rather, as he points out, those radiologists who use AI will replace the ones who dont.Curtis Langlotz, Professor of Radiology and Biomedical Informatics at Stanford University, compared the situation to that of the autopilot in aviation. The innovation did not replace real pilots, it augmented their tasks. Hence, the combination of humans and machines is the winner solution. And it will be the same in healthcare, says Dr. Mesko. Automation is necessary especially as radiologists need to go through more and more images every day. If algorithms can be trained to spot and detect many types of abnormalities based on radiology images, then we should let it do the time-consuming job so we can let radiologists dedicate their precious focus to the hardest issues, the doctor continues.

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