In 2009, the iPhone was a year and a half old. The iPad was just a rumor. The Apple Watch wasnt even that. There was no such thing as a Fitbit. CMS didnt have an innovation center and the FDA didnt have any guidelines about apps. Telemedicine had been around for a while, but it was something that involved bulky carts. No one thought that Apple, Google, or Amazon would ever be thought of as a healthcare company.That was the world that MobiHealthNews launched into on January 31, 2009. Yesterday, the publication celebrated its 10th anniversary and were taking the opportunity, via our 1000+ pages of archives to look back at those 10 years and how not only MobiHealthNews, but the whole world of digital health has changed.In the beginning, MobiHealthNews was a two-person startup publishing a weekly newsletter. In 2019, MobiHealthNews is a part of a large international team at HIMSS Media. We publish a daily global edition of our newsletter and a biweekly European edition, with more global launches to come. Weve come a long way and weve done it all with the help of innumerable loyal readers and supporters a growing number of people who have seen, as Brian Dolan and Joe Maillie did in 2009, the enormous potential of digital technology to transform healthcare and save lives.

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