At this week’s World Innovation Summit for Health in Doha, Qatar experts from around the world sat down to talk about the opportunities and challenges of employing digital health in the mental health field. Globally more and more health professionals are stressing the importance of mental health services, but getting patients those services can be tricky. The shortage of trained professionals and the stigma of mental illness in many countries around the world have often created a barrier to treatment. But recently technology has come into play to tackle some of these challenges. There is a shocking gap in the worlds funding and the treatment of mental illness, Lord Darzi, former UK health minister and chair of the World Innovation Summit for Health (WISH), said during his speech at WISH in Doha, Qatar on Tuesday. In some health systems less than 5 percent of needs are met, while even in the most advanced countries just 20 percent get the care that they need. Ladies and gentlemen, there is no health without mental health. But the international mental health community is now turning to digital health as a way to overcome the major obstacles of resources and stigma in many countries.

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