The MITRE Corperation’s Kristina Sheridan shares how her life experince inspired the Patient Toolkit, which lets patients digitally record symptoms and treatment. Both the clinician and the patient hold an important piece to the care puzzle, according to Kristina Sheridan, head of the enterprise strategy and transformation department at the nonprofit MITRE Corperation. The physician has expertise in treating illness, whereas the patient is the authority on living with the condition, she explained at the Society for Participatory Medicine in Boston this morning. But transferring the patients life experience into a useable dataset can pose challenges. We hear about patient-generated data all the time, Sheridan said. But when you hear about the context of that data, most of the time right now it is around wearable devices and monitoring devices. People arent talking about the other type of patient-generated data, what we call active patient generated data the patient voice.

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