The latest Protenus breach barometer shows this year’s security trend remained true for October i.e., at least one breach occurs in the healthcare sector each day. That month a total of 37 breaches were reported, based on data Protenus gathered from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Civil Rights, as well as research from the site Insider error continues to be a problem area for the industry. Although insiders accounted for 29 percent of all breaches in October, Protenus researchers note that insider errors impacted an even greater amount of patient records. For instance, of the three insider breaches for which Protenus had data, user error caused the breach of about 157,000 patient records that month. This represents a drastic increase from other months, September breached just 24,958 records and August affected 26,831.Notably, one of those insider errors involved a flyer sent to HIV patients, asking them to participate in an HIV research project. The trouble was that the healthcare organisation used envelopes with a clear front that revealed the HIV status. This was the second breach of this kind this year.

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