A new report from KLAS shows NHS data sharing to be cumbersome and disruptive to clinical workflows. As the U.S. healthcare system continues to grapple with interoperability challenges, working from all angles to address them, it can be illustrative to check in with our closest ally which is also striving to improve its information exchange capabilities. A pair of recent studies shed some light on some ways the U.K. is dealing with data sharing.With the UK eHealth Week underway, KLAS issued its report interoperability within NHS. “Today, a substantial amount of patient data is being shared within the NHS, mostly via 61 local shared records across England,” according to researchers. “However, much of this sharing is limited in breadth and cumbersome in nature since it falls outside of the clinician workflow.”That means “ideal interoperability,” which KLAS defines as “consistent access to needed outside patient information in an easily located and viewable place within the care record,” is harder to achieve across the national system.

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