As mobile technology becomes even more prevalent, your hospital will need to create clear strategies and written policies governing how it should be used within your facility and by your staff. If your organization doesn’t have anything set in stone, you may want to change that.

More than half of hospitals have documented mobile strategies, according to Spok’s 2018 Mobile Strategies in Healthcare Survey.

An effective strategy that promotes mobile usage in your hospital can improve patient care and satisfaction. But, as you well know, there are also security risks to any form of mobile communication.

Comprehensive mobile communication policies should include guidance on major topics like security and management, device selection, integration with your electronic health record (EHR) system, infrastructure assessment and clinical workflow evaluation.

But policies are only as good as their enforcement, which means you’ll need to decide which teams will be in charge of disciplining violators. In hospitals that already have mobile strategies, enforcement is usually split between security, telecommunications and clinical informatics teams.

Addressing mobile barriers

There are certain obstacles that may come into play when workers use mobile devices to communicate with other staff, and these roadblocks may need to be addressed in …read more

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