Imagine an office that employed only four workers, all of whom spoke a different language. Not the most efficient way to get work done, is it?This metaphor albeit a rather simplified one for an extremely complicated subject is basically the problem Kittitas Valley Healthcare is facing regarding the way it organizes its electronic medical records. Thankfully for employees and patients alike, a new system is on the horizon. The new system will eventually integrate all four of KVHs records systems into one, making it much easier and efficient for providers to share medical records among the clinics, hospital, emergency room and home and hospice care.Last year, KVH hired a consultant to help it choose a new electronic medical records (EMRs) company. KVH narrowed down a list from nine potential systems to four, then to two and finally to one, with the hospital landing on a system called Cerner. Currently, the KVH clinics use Nextgen, the emergency department uses Empower, the hospital uses Paragon and home and hospice uses Horizon Home Care none of which communicate well.

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