The leprosy vaccines market is expected to show exponential growth over the forecast period owing to rising patient pool of leprosy in Asia-Pacific. According to WHO, the prevalence of leprosy in 2015 was 176 cases per 10000 people. About 60% of world leprosy patients live in India. Therefore, India is the major market throughout the globe for leprosy vaccines. BCG vaccine is commonly prescribed by the physicians for Leprosy prevention, therefore by vaccine type BCG vaccine segment is expected to gain maximum market share over the forecast period for global leprosy vaccines market. But, BGC vaccine is not prescribed by the physicians in the U.S. because of the unproven effectiveness of the BCG vaccine as well as the low incidence of leprosy patients in America which is responsible for sluggish growth of leprosy vaccines market. Among all end users, ambulatory care center is the fastest growing segment in the global leprosy vaccines market due increasing number of vaccination in this end user facility.

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