At this month’s Connected Health Conference Preview, digital health developers and providers will explore the best ways to keep the human element front and center. As technology pushes forward, innovators are often tempted to bring all the bells and whistles to their digital health product. But some are stopping to look at the human element in digital health before launching a new product. Human design for us is essential. We spend a huge amount of time watching how people with varying degrees of challenge interact with our app, Jim Cavan, CEO of BackPack Health, a digital health startup that lets people manage and share their health information, told MobiHealthNews. If people dont use tech because of a physical limitation, then regardless of how good the app is it doesnt make any sense.Examining the human element in digital health design has increasingly become a hot topic in the space. Next week at the Connected Health Conference (CHC) in Boston, Cavan and others will take part in roundtables and keynotes discussions on how best to include the human element in digital design.

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