Patient safety is an important consideration in the delivery of care. While providers continually seek ways to improve patient safety and overall quality of care, medical mistakes sometimes happen. In the UK, reports say Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt is set to announce new measures aimed at protecting doctors and medical staff when mistakes are made.These new measures include:- The investigation of every hospital death by a medical examiner or coroner- Data on doctors’ performance will allow them to see how they compare to others to help them improve- The regulator – the General Medical Council – will no longer be able to appeal against the findings of doctors’ disciplinary hearingsAccording to Mr. Hunt, improving patient safety means doctors and other staff must be able to reflect openly and freely when they have made ordinary mistakes, instead of being punished for them.”When something goes tragically wrong in healthcare, the best apology to grieving families is to guarantee that no-one will experience that same heartache again,” Mr. Hunt said. The health secretary said he was deeply concerned about the unintended chilling effect on clinicians’ ability to learn from mistakes following recent court rulings.

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