Most patients find it difficult to locate timely, accurate, and complete health data. Yet data is exactly what they need now that they must make health decisions theyve never had to before.For example, many patients today have to choose not only the best providers for their families, but also the best insurance policies from numerous options including high-deductible health plans. While price transparency might be top of mind, price is actually only one piece of the greater value puzzle.Optimal decision-making goes beyond merely finding the lowest cost. What patients really need is information transparency. In addition to price data, patients want clinical and financial details about provider quality, outcomes, facility ratings, and other indicators of care value.All stakeholders patients, payers, and providers stand to benefit from making it easier for patients to access information. In fact, an inherent opportunity exists for providers and payers to demystify healthcare information for patients. This can be accomplished by a holistic strategy that ensures:

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