A modern communications platform, a replacement for pagers, has led to improved delivery of care at the Hospital for Special Surgery in Manhattan. As the platform allows faster communication between members of care teams, better coordination and faster response times are achieved. With improved communication via the PerfectServe platform, for instance, the response time for moving a patient from the post-anaesthesia care unit to an inpatient floor has significantly improved. Now, about 90 percent of moves are completed in less than 15 minutes, said Nick Wirth, director of operational excellence at the hospital. Clinicians and staff at the facility used to communicate through pagers. Because pagers from three different companies were being used, Wirth said communications often were dropped. The hospital has a high volume of patients and shrinking lengths of stay, and it had become critical to have a reliable enterprisewide strategy supported with modern information technologies that included the PerfectServe communication platform, as well as a new electronic health record system in 2016 from Epic. When the EHR went live, the organisation pilot tested best practices with groups of small physician practices using standardised workflows across departments.

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