EHRs will feature automation analytics, telemedicine, genomics and more in the not-too-distant future. The electronic health record is the lynchpin of healthcare information technology. And it has been evolving at a consistently quick pace in recent years.Healthcare CIOs seeking to ensure they are making the best EHR investments today for the years ahead would do well to listen to experts in the field offering an insightful look ahead at the future of EHRs.We checked in with Epic Systems President Carl Dvorak, Allscripts CEO Paul Black, an Accenture consultant and drchrono founder Daniel Kivatinos to get a sense of where big and smaller EHR vendors are headed.Epics Dvorak singled out automation analytics, genomics-informed medicine, telemedicine and next-generation analytics as areas that will impact the EHR.Automation analytics: Akin to a flight data recorder, collecting information about how providers are using automation in the care and administrative processes will be a significant leap forward in reducing costs, increasing efficiencies and reducing harmful variation, Dvorak said. This holds the key to unlocking some of the secrets to physician well-being. For example, we can avoid work being unnecessarily diverted to physicians when it could be better managed by others.

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