Providers are striving to keep patients healthier. Figuring out how to factor in environmental conditions is a start. As payment reform shifts provider strategies to strive for quality over quantity in care, organizations must think more and more about how best to keep their patients happy and healthy. Social determinants of health environmental conditions that factor into a patients everyday life are an important part of an equation that, to date, have not been considered as much as they ought to be.But while safe communities and access to both healthy food and a quality education impact a persons wellness, a report published earlier this year from Patchwise Labs found that less than 4 percent of health systems and managed care organizations invested any money in technology geared toward social determinants of health. One reason: Providers arent sure how best to incorporate such information into the care paradigm.In communities across the country, it remains mostly unclear what performance, payment and accountability look like for non-clinical care, writes Naveen Rao, Patchwise Labs founder and managing partner, in a blog post on the report.

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