Tech transformation is coming to the National Health Service, according to the UK’s new Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, who has put information technology atop his list of priorities for improving the NHS.In his first major speech since becoming health secretary, Mr. Matt Hancock revealed that “workforce, technology and prevention” were his top three priorities for the NHS. And he’s backing his words with big money the UK will invest around $540 million for hospital IT, according to reports, with another $98 million earmarked to help those trusts who still rely on paper make the move to electronic health records.The millions in new funding, Mr. Hancock said, were needed to boost the efficiency and morale of providers and the engagement of patients.”You know better than me the pace at which modern medicine moves and so its crucial that your training looks to incorporate new technology that can save you time and offer better care,” he said, in a speech delivered to staffers at West Suffolk hospital. “I want to make sure you have the access to the skills you need to make the most of these new opportunities.”Specifically, Mr. Hancock noted the need to enhance patient safety with barcode scanning, boost engagement through mobile technology and improve clinical workflows with voice recognition software.

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