NIH joins a slew of research and provider organizations harnessing the power of the cloud to speed analysis and democratize medical data. With the cloud at their disposal, several organizations have been able to advance their research into disease and now the National Institutes of Health is among them.NIH launched in late June an initiative that aims to harness the power of commercial cloud computing and provide NIH biomedical researchers access to the most advanced, cost-effective computational infrastructure, tools and services available, according to a press release from NIH.Google has signed on to the initiative as the first cloud provider for the Science and Technology Research Infrastructure for Discovery, Experimentation and Sustainability Initiative, which will offer cloud computing, storage and machine learning via Google Cloud to more than 2,500 research institutions.NIH is in a unique position to bring together academic and innovation industry partners to create a biomedical data ecosystem that maximizes the use of NIH-supported biomedical research data for the greatest benefit to human health, NIH Principal Deputy Director Lawrence Tabak, who also serves as NIHs interim associate director for data science, said in the press release. The STRIDES Initiative aims to maximize the number of researchers working to provide the greatest number of solutions to advancing health and reducing the burden of disease.

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