The follow-up to Nima’s gluten sensor picked up peanut proteins with 99.2 percent accuracy in a third-party test. San Francisco-based Nima Labs (formerly known as 6Sensor Labs) has launched the Nima Peanut Sensor, the second in a planned line of connected devices that can scan foods for evidence of a particular allergen. Users can put a small amount of food in a canister and run it through the small, triangular hardware device to obtain a reading of “peanut” or “no peanut.”Millions of people with peanut allergies are eating at restaurants every day, not knowing whether or not hidden sources of peanuts in their food is going to make them sick, Shireen Yates, CEO and cofounder of Nima, said in a statement. We are so eager to get this device into their hands to help them make more informed decisions about what they eat.Nima subjected the device to a third-party tester who found that the device can detect 10 parts per million or more peanut protein with 99.2 percent accuracy.

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